Month of November, in the Year of Grace, 2014

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

What are Angels?

Léon Comerre, L'Annonce aux bergers, 1875.

any christians have the idea, that when an angel comes to earth, as f.ex when the angels descended in the days of Jared and mated with human women, they "assumed human form" to be able to interact with mankind and earth and matter. If you look up what the Bible, and not tradition, says about what happened, you will discover that the angels did not assume anything. What they did, was that they LEFT something, namely their heavenly estate. Nothing else is said about this, so we have to go with that. This reveals, that angels are not some sort of floating ghosts, that can "materialize". Instead, they are material beings that can go into a spiritual state, or form. When they come to earth, thus, they LEAVE their spiritual state, and go back to what they really are, and that is, HUMANS. They are humans, just like us, that have the ability to change themselves into spiritual form. Not the other way around, thus. They are not spiritual beings1 that can change into material form. Their first estate was not heaven, and the spiritual.* That was what they had become, by an act of God, at some point in their history. (Before the beginning of our earth.)

* "First estate" is a mistranslation in the KJ, the greek says archen, which means principality, a commencement, magistrate, power. It's not about their origin, but about what they had become, had been uplifted to, ordained to. That the KJ inserted "first" is a clear sign they were influenced by the age old gnostic, in disguise of catholicism, manichaean thought.

Let's look at this from a human perspective. For now, these thoughts may sound strange, but you'll understand more of it as this continues.

Let's think about a shaman, and what a shaman is. He or she is a person, that by the aid of evil spirits have the ability to go from human form, to spiritual form, so to speak. Of course, they leave their bodies sleeping or unconscious while their spirits take some form, often an animal form, and they travel to far places and do their business, what ever it is. This is more what an angel is, than an angel being some kind of formless spirit that materialize at will. The ability that shamans have learned, is related to what the angels do, and can do.2 Angels have bodies like ours, but they can, either in their bodies or without them, go into a spiritual state, and travel to other places, and likewise take different forms in their spirit.

If you adapt this thinking, very much in the Bible, and in the Book of Enoch, will fall into place and be understandable. It will make sense, f.ex how angels could mate with humans. And much much more.

One step further. Imagine some sort of alien race, like in Startrek, that is highly spiritual, and at the same time highly noble. Beings of an ancient origin, eons and eons back in the history of the universe, that have gone from a biological state, to an eternal state of living. Either by death (and resurrection), or by some ascension, given to them by God. These "god beings", or angels, or star people, have a highly developed spiritual ability, liken it to a shaman's or any highly spiritual human. They are physical, can act and interact in the physical, but they can also go into, over into their spiritual form, and sort of lift themselves up on a higher level.3 These are the caretakers of the universe, of the heavens. Some of them are faithful to their mission, some are not. We call them angels, messengers of God, or the gods. This is what they are.

1. I wrote, they are not spiritual beings that can change into material form. But doesn't Hebrews say that they ARE spirits, ministering spirits sent out to those who will inherit salvation? Yes, but look at the text. It says they are sent out. They are messengers, coming to humanity in their spiritual form (that is, mostly invisible to us), to assist us. They very seldom show up in their visible form, although it happens, and when it does, it is mostly obvious that they also are physical, as when they came to Abraham and ate and rested with him, and when one of the angels who came to the grave of Jesus SAT on the stone outside the grave, and so on. Yes, and the angel who came to Daniel and had a girdle of gold from a wellknown gold mining place on earth, and linen clothes. All very physical attributes, and unless that angel borrowed or stole those things from someone or some place in a hurry, that was what he really wore. Which should make you think. You might say, well he just produced those things out of nothing, or gave the illusion that he wore them, to Daniel. My answer to that is, in such case the Bible and the Holy Spirit is lying to us, because the text says that the girdle was made of gold from an actual place on this earth, and the clothes were made of linen, which comes from the linen plant. It doesn't say those things looked like that, it says they were that. Gold and linen.
2. Of course, this is not limited to shamans, it's only that they are sort of famous for it. Also on the good side, this occurs. God and his angels can let christians experience these things too, as when Philip was translated to another place, and Ezekiel and some other people in the Bible. It also happens in our days, to some christians, by the will of God.
3. And the transfiguration of Jesus is of course an excellent example of how those things can happen also with humans, although Jesus was more than a human. He acted here on earth as a human and under circumstances that are human.

'll give another scriptural evidence of the truth of this. This has been looking in the face of us all through christian history, and few if any have seen it. Both the original statement in the OT and the quote of this in Hebrews, says that God makes his messengers into spirits, and his servants into flames.

"Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire:" (Ps. 104:4)

"And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire." (Hebr. 1:7)

Read it again, and think. What does it say? He makes his messengers spirits. So they weren't spirits before that. They were messengers and servants of God, and he blessed them and chose them and made them spirits and burning flames. That is what an angel being is. The word angel is not the name of a species, it's a name of an office, a ministry. It's like postman, ambassador, or something. It is something someone can become, not what they are from the beginning. Paul is talking about this also, when in 1 Cor 15 he says that the natural is the first, and the spiritual what comes after that. The natural order goes from earthly, material, to heavenly, spiritual. With what I've shown above, it is obvious that this goes also for angels - or should I say, the older, pre-earth, humanity, those who were before us.

You might think, oh, this is the old preadamite thoughts, again. Well no, it's not. I don't believe in the preadamite theory, ie that there was life on earth before Adam and Eve. I don't think there is a gap of time between the first and second verse of Genesis one. I think they have placed that gap in the wrong place. Place it in the first verse instead, and all of this will make much more sense. Like this: "In the beginning God created the heavens - - and the earth." What I mean is, that the universe is old, and have contained life, of which the angels are what is left, and the earth is a new creation, in fact the beginning of the new creation, and we, humanity, are the new Sons of God, that are to replace those of the old ones who left their heavenly estate and high duties.

Astronomers think our sun is a third or fourth generation star, that is, it is formed out of dust from earlier stars that grew old and exploded. They think that the universe is about 15 billions years old, but that our solar system is formed "only" 5 billion years ago, as said, out of stuff from earlier stars. Whether or not that is true, it may be at least in some way, in line with what the Bible reveals, thus. First, God created the heavens (and those heavens obviously included stars and planets), and THEN, he created the earth. In a later stage of the history of the universe, that is. The biblical writers also tell us that this universe, or at least the nearest surroundings, will cease to exist at some time in the future. There will be a new creation, a new heaven and a new earth. Suns don't shine for ever. If you look at Isa 14 and Ez 28 carefully, it shows that the cherub Lucifer was on a physical planet before THIS planet was formed. There were kings and populations, trade and palaces, metals and precious stones. This talks about an earlier stage in the universe, before the creation of mankind and life on earth. There was a fall, and a destruction, and, by looking at those scriptures that talk about God choosing (and appointing) us before the creation of this world, it becomes clear that we were created for the purpose to replace those who fell from heaven, from their divine estate.

So, we are going to be angels. If that sounds strange to you, it is only because you still think of angel as a species. It's not, it's a mission. In fact, in Enoch, it right out says that we are going to become angels (Enoch 51:4, in Schodde's tr.), so the thought was not unknown or strange to anyone in the epoch of the apostles. It is quite possible that it was that passage that Jesus was thinking of, when he said that we are going to be like the angels, in the resurrection. Although of course he knew it anyway, he still had to go by the available human (scriptural) knowledge, in his human role. So when he said that, the listeners probably recognized that from Enoch and nodded their heads and said amen.

"For millions of years a star shined in the far off constellation of Taurus. So far away, and so faint that even if our eyes were ten thousand times more sensitive, the star would still not be visible to us on the Earth. Then one day, in a few seconds, all that changed. An explosion beyond belief in its intensity lit up the heavens; it still shines, almost one thousand years later...." From Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

It is believed that a star in the Crab Nebula exploded about 7000 years ago, forming the nebula. The light of the explosion reached the earth in the 11th century, and was seen by humans.

ow, to summarize. If we are going to become angels by a resurrection and a glorifying, and Paul says that the physical is the first, and Hebrews says that God makes his messengers spirits, it should be clear that those who now are in heaven and are called angels, went through a similar ascension (and glorification), in their early history. They are what we are going to become. They were what we now are. We and they follow the same divine natural order. That is how God is working.

The Bible says God in the beginning created the heavens and the earth. No mentioning of some spiritual, formless world where ghosts floated around and telecommunicated. Those thoughts are borrowed directly from gnosticism and eastern religions. They are not part of the scriptural witness. The physical world wasn't some lower class world, that God created after he made a perfect formeless nirvana. The physical world was good, and good means perfect. He made the physical with the ability to become spiritual. The physical is not an accident, as some think. Those thoughts have influenced christian thinking and belief, since the time of the gnostics and manichaeans. It was never cleansed out, but is is time to do it now, and return to the original, true faith of the apostles, and the revelation of the heavenlies, that they had.

They couldn't express it in scientific terms, they couldn't talk about planets and solar systems, but if we check what they said, it will fit with what we know about such things, and also show that those medieval "nirvana-like" traditions only could grow, because there was a lack of knowledge, and a conscious denial of the origins, that crept into christianity and never even was detected, until now. And this has to do with the Book of Enoch being denied and forgotten, because; take that book and its content seriously, and the original revelation will start to come to you, again.







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