Month of April, in the Year of Grace, 2010

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

Angels and UFOs, Part 16

Humans From Heaven

HEN I SEE this image of an angel, I think spontaneously: That's a human! Are there humans in heaven? What are they doing there, and how did they get there?

We are according to the Bible seated in the heavenlies, that is, we who belong to the assembly of Christ, his body on earth. Then we probably need to understand what we are seated in, for the effect of it to be as powerful as possible. It is from the heavenlies we fetch our strength, our influences. Our image of the heavenly world and our role here on earth in relation to it, probably is very fragmental. Especially since that image has been clouded after the time of the apostles.

If there already are people in heaven, then why are we here? Are we a new variant of the human? And if the heavenly humans have such power and such beauty and such importance, then were do we get into it all? Has something happened up there, that prompts a new creation? Are we the embryo to a new human species?

Answer: Yes, yes, yes, and yes. We must stop being religious, and start to look at this with objective eyes. Without being influenced by religious obfuscations, guesses, and "spirituality" without a basing in the heavenly reality.

QUITE many years ago, I read in the newspaper that the movie "2001" was to be shown, and I got an impulse to look at it. Personally I had no tv back then, and I haven't got one now either (even if I had one for a period in between. Though now you can watch much tv on the net). But since the movie 2001 is profane and actually conveys a distorted image of man's origin, I rejected the impulse. I had seen the movie sometime in my teens, as unsaved, so I remembered the content mainly. Now I was saved since a couple of years, and yet felt a clear, good impulse to watch it again. And I had the possibility to watch it in another place. In spite of that I resisted the thought, in imagined piety, and of course the result was that the Spirit in my life was grieved (until I realized what I had done wrong). God was displeased with me because I didn't do as he told me, and that made me wonder a lot. Why did he want me to watch that movie, a science fiction-movie?

Later I saw the sequel, "2010", and started to realize what Jesus wanted to show me, and in what direction he wanted to lead my thoughts.

THIS IS only one of several events, where God in a clear way has indicated that he wants to show us something about his kingdom, in what science fiction-movies and -stories are about. We Christians have actually shut ourselves for something essential, because we perceive parts of what the Bible says as too similar to science fiction and therefore hush it down or reinterpret it. And our enemy adds on with all these imaginative science fiction spectacles, which makes you directly look ridiculous, if you claim something that in any small way reminds of what lies behind these movies and stories.

Jesus of course doesn't show us to something we can't handle. A Christian has gotten his senses trained to discern between good and evil. We can prove, we know the scripture, we can hold fast to that which is good, also from such things. Besides, we do that always, with what me meet out in the world. And we learn a whole lot of it also. We certainly don't have to live as hermits, isolated from the world. Although many would need to, because they don't have strength enough to resist or discern the evil. But with the power of God, in and under the spiritual anointing, we can make use of this world, without being deceived or defiled by it. All according to the words of the Scripture, of course. Don't love the world, nor what is in the world, the desire of the eyes, pride of life, etc. No, we don't love the world, we love Jesus, and overcome the world through him. We re-conquer what the enemy has stolen and made his, and instead make it ours, cleansed, put into its proper place, taken, as the ass and its colt, into use by the Lord.

Therefore - if God, anytime, in any connection (don't take this to mean that you can watch any movies you want), wants to teach us or illustrate something for us through a movie, he will do that. What we see in such a situation will be filtered, and later handled by the Holy Spirit, so that he can speak to us through the images and course of events we have seen.

So what was it Jesus wanted to show me, then?

Well, it has taken time, and probably will take more time, but the image I have today, of the heavenlies, is the following:

In heaven there is a people, a human species, who were before us in the creation. Of these a great multitude now are angels, messengers, for the Lord Jesus. These heavenly humans have gone through a great catastrophe, their paradisiac world has been made impure, through a rebellion against that creation order they lived under.

FOR THAT REASON we have come into existence. Our assignment, as humans here on this earth, is included in these angels' work to restore the creation order to its original harmony, in their world, and in this world. Everything takes place according to an ancient plan, inspired by God, given to these angels, and foremost to their king, the Angel of the Lord - Jesus to us - who brings the plan forwards.

We easily imagine that everything that happens is handled by God the Father alone. He sits there on his throne and points here and there, and sends out his angels and they just passively do his will. That image probably needs to be nuanced quite a lot, to become fully biblical. I don't think the angels of God have quite that image of it all. I think they view it more like we view it in God's work here on earth. I.e. it is they who figure out what to do and execute, admittedly through the inspiration of God the Father, but still in a similar spiritual way that we experience, when we receive visions, revelations, words, and thoughts from God in our inner man. All the angels can of course not be at the throne of God every day, so they must obviously work on their own hand, and fetch heavenly wisdom in a way similar to what we do, although with much more precision, clarity, and certainty. Their relation with him who sitteth on the throne is of course nearly unbroken (and I assume they have some sort of spiritual remote view), and yet, scripture shows us that not even the angels of God are perfect. There are weaknesses also in them, flaws, and a degree of uncertainty.

GOD'S WORD indicates that there wasn't only one rebellion in the heavenly world. The first was the fall of the "Bright Morning Star", and theirs whom he dragged along. But there also seems to have taken place a latter rebellion among God's angels, that which happened in the days of Enoch's father, when a host of Sons of God, who were set as watchers over the earth after it already had gone through the fall of man, were drawn into the fall of man and mingled with the fallen humanity. This means, that as long as the perfection of Christ hasn't come, also the present angels are exposed to the risk of falling away from the living God. They too must struggle to preserve their faithfulness, against the impulses and weaknesses they, in spite of their high position, still carry.

It is for that very reason we find in Scripture, that the angels of God, "long to look into" the Gospel of God, for also they will benefit from its immense blessings, when the perfection comes.

There is an old song that says, "For the angels have never felt, what I in Christ have." That probably is true, but they will get to know it, when they and we join in heaven, at the resurrection of the righteous. So the idea they themselves hatched (creation of humanity), is greater than what they themselves can embrace and perceive, in spite of all their heavenly wisdom and transcendence. It is the cleansing blood of Christ, that amazes them so.


SO I MEAN that it was an angelic idea, to create us earth humans? Both yes and yes.The idea came through them, from God. As there already were humans in heaven, there was no reason the create more, unless something had happened in heaven, that prompted it. Such as a great rebellion, for example, which meant that there were vacancies in the heavenlies. Among other things.

So when we read the creation story, we see it only from one side. We see it from our perspective and as much as we needed to know then, when the earth was young. Now we are nearing the end of the age, and the time when all what was conceived then, will be perfected. We are chosen in him before the creation of the world, for example. Such scriptures show that there were thoughts about us, before the foundations of this world were laid (Eph. 1:4-5). But the angels of God were present, and thus had lived through a terrible rebellion, and a disharmony in the heavenly world, which must have been felt in a stronger way than what we have gone through here on earth. When we look out into heaven, we see that all of its content seems to be in decay. Stars are exploding, and probably it happens at an increasing rate. That is not Adam's fault. It wasn't Adam who was set to rule over the stars. Han was set over the earth, and he only drew the earth with him under the control of the enemy. The starry world had before that gone through its own destruction, under the fall of the Morning Star, and the morning stars.

It was of course in the strongest interest of God's angels, to launch a campaign, that would lead to full recovery, of their world, and perhaps, worlds. Those who had fallen away and chose to remain in the apostasy, in spite of being offered restoration, in the coming Christ, they like us - these must forever be separated from those who want to live in the light and its searching power, for ever. Places were prepared, cosmic realities, where eternities could be spent in separated universes. Separated in time, separated in existence.

The All-Seeing knew everything from the beginning, led it so, that the one host followed the other, became involved in the continued course of creation, so that all, joined, would be a part of the perfection. So we, so also the angels.




More about this and much other related in coming articles.






Why do I write so much about angels?

MAYBE 15 YEARS AGO, I was at a revival meeting in Gothenburg. During the after-meeting, when they prayed for salvation seekers and others who went forth and wanted prayer, I sat roughly in the middle of the tent and prayed with closed eyes and listened to the songs that were sung during the prayer session. The preacher had talked about having seen a bright light recently and experiencing a powerful renewal in connection with it. Suddenly it became all white in front of me. I opened my eyes and looked if there was some light somewhere in the tent, but it was not. So I closed my eyes again, and saw the white light. It grew in strength, until it was absolutely white, as white as anything I have ever seen. I did not feel that I should pray, but I just sat in silent awe until the light faded away and disappeared. I appreciate the time that elapsed to maybe a minute.

After that experience I have received many insights about angels and the angelic world. It is not something I seek or chase, but it just comes to me. I do not know if it was an angel that came to me in the tent, but it is likely. If it had been the Spirit of Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, it would have certainly come a spirit of prayer over me at the same time. I didn't worship the light I saw, didn't feel for worshiping it, but just thanked Jesus for what was taking place.

Well then, have I seen any angels since then, and experienced such things that some evangelists and prophets are talking about? No, not directly. I have experienced a lot of things, which I am pretty sure were angelic activities, but I can't say I have seen any angel straight up and down. And I would rather see Jesus in that case. However, I think I have experienced something of what Jesus said: Blessed are you who do not see and yet believe. I have noticed that much of what I have written about the heavenly world, and about angels, is consistent with such as Christians who have been in heaven, and who have met angels, have testified. So it probably is like this, that you can look into the heavenly world in different ways. Some see and hear things, or get transported, others just believe in the Scripture and receive clarity of what it is about. For everything is already there, in the Scripture. You just have to see it and believe it.









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